Hosting A Tropical Destination Wedding

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3 min readJul 6, 2022


A destination wedding is a great way to set your big event apart, and there are few climates better for this than somewhere tropical. Whether you’re looking at a Caribbean island, Costa Rica, or Mexico, tropical locales are popular because they’re gorgeous, affordable, and someplace a large number of your wedding guests will enjoy visiting.

While a tropical destination wedding is certainly an exciting opportunity, it can also be an intimidating one when you first get started with planning. While the event may feel overwhelming, it’s true that there are people who’ve done this before, and there are tips out there to help you relieve stress from the planning process and make sure your guests enjoy the trip.

Send Your Invites Early

When planning a destination wedding, it’s a good idea to give your guests a full year of notice, if you can. Eight months is an acceptable time frame, but it’s not advisable to go less than that. Your guests will need time to clear their schedules and plan for the costs of a destination wedding.

Go Out of Your Way to Greet Your Guests When You Can

It is perfectly understandable if you can’t greet every guest as they arrive from the airport. However, greeting as many as you can personally is a kind gesture that pays off. People have flown in to attend your wedding and see you. Put together a schedule of the times for when the largest groups are arriving, and make a point to greet them in the hotel lobby when you can.

Schedule Activities, But Not Too Many

You want your guests to have fun things to do, like the custom rehearsal dinner. However, it’s likely that your guests have other activities they’d like to do on their own. One of the perks of a destination wedding is that your guests are also on vacation. Schedule large blocks of time where they can enjoy time to themselves and head out for their own activities. If you want to plan some group activities, like a nice brunch, make them optional for your guests.

Get Yourself Help

If you can, hiring a wedding planning expert is always a great idea. It’s also advisable to get help from a close friend or family member where you can. Some people tend to feel they need to be responsible for everything their guests need during a destination wedding. If this is you, be careful of how much you take on. Your guests can take care of themselves.

Focus on Making Things as Easy For Yourself and Your Guests as Possible

There are a lot of details that go into any wedding. For the breezy tropical wedding of your dreams, try to make choices based on what you want and what’s easiest for yourself, so you have as much time to enjoy your guests and the beach as possible.



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