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The idea of having a romantic getaway just as a couple promises both cozy nights and enjoyable days of intimacy without interruptions or coercion into joining “the group.” The opportunities to experience intimacy on private trips are boundless. For those couples selecting romantic travel, there are several life-changing trips for couples. Those considering such trips should determine which aspects of a romantic getaway most appeal to them and decide what they desire. Here are some suggestions for such lovely and romantic ventures:

Bali, Indonesia

Older couples remember the movie South Pacific, written by Oscar Hammerstein. One song in this film is about a mystical island that captures the aura of a visit to the paradise of Bali. This vacation spot of alluring beauty continues to be a most romantic stop, offering couples a comfortable closeness away from ordinary living.

Porto, Portugal

Portugal has much to offer tourists: It is on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, but it has less traffic than other countries on this sea. There are sailing and other tours that offer wine-tasting, lunch, and an optional cruise in the Duoro Valley. In northern Portugal, there is the water and countryside where one can explore Minho’s picturesque countryside and coast with a local guide visiting the charming cities of Guimaraes and Braga, where delicious lunches are served.

Santorini, Greece

An island that is a favorite of newlyweds, Santorini is an almost ethereal land with its weathered, hilly streets sheltered in white walls holding blue roofs. In the evenings, visitors can view amazing sunsets. As the sun descends, the city is lighted by falling stars that make churches, homes, and restaurants glow like falling stars.

Paris and the Chateaux in France

There is good reason for Paris to be considered a romantic site. The “City of Light” and romance are partners. A tour on the Seine, bridges and lovely city parks and the beauty within the museum of Orsay that has many of the paintings of the Impressionists, the magnificent works in the Louvre, and the fantastic formal gardens with their flora and fauna and lovely fountains on the castles’ grounds are all romantic sites.



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